Every year a lot of consumers’ dispute is settled by Better Business Bureau. When a consumer files a Better Business Bureau complaint against a company, that complaint is recorded and looked into. This however, gives a red flag sort of to the business: This means that potential customers or intending customers with the interest of patronizing that business or company will lose interest to that particular company. So that they can avoid being scammed or falling victim.

File a Complaint - BBB
File a Complaint – BBB

Better Business Bureau is a private body that helps consumers and other businesses. They specialize in helping to provide trust and good ethics in the marketplace between buyers and sellers. With the main goal of providing consumers with an unbiased source of guidance. Once a Better Business Bureau complaint is filed against anybody or any organization, actions will be taken immediately to review what it is.


Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a body that gives people the chance to make complaint relating to business. Even if the business has not gotten accreditation by its body. With the BBB complaints platform, you can make complaints with ease. Even against bodies that do not make profits and charity organizations too.

If you have issues with refunding, repairs or replacing or the resolution of a particular product from anybody involved in marketing or business-related. Then you can file a Better Business Bureau complaint against that body for free. There is also a BBB phone number you can contact them through.


In case you fall a victim of scam or dupe in a business transaction, and you have to report the business or organization that didn’t treat you well with the right customer policy. I present you with some basic set of instructions on how to file a BBB complaint.

  • Make sure there is an active internet connection on the device you are using to file the complaints.
  • Log on to on your device browser.
  • Search for the organizations’ name and the location in which the business took place.
  • From the available search results select the organizations’ names.

More on How To File a BBB Complaint

  • The organizations’ profile page will be opened, from there, click on file a report.
  • You will get three options, select your choice and Better Business Bureau will take care of the rest.
  • You’ll get a notification after submitting your complaint via email with a PDF containing your complaints.

This contains your review and information on the Better Business Bureau complaint that’s handling your complaints.

BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU – The Complaint Process

Before filing a Better Business Bureau complaint, you should adhere to the following criteria to continue the compliant process:

  • The customer must have tried to contact the organization by any means at least once.
  • The complaint must be up to BBB complaint standard.

Note: When a complaint is filed and submitted, it can neither be deleted, changed nor edited. A duplicate of your complaint will always be forwarded to the business or organization involved.

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