Better Business Bureau phone number is where people reach out to file and tender complaints against business and organizations that does not offer minimum satisfaction. Better Business Bureau has an online platform which one can use to file these complaints and dissatisfaction. Click here to learn more about BBB complaints However, should in case you need to reach BBB through other means, you can try using the BBB Phone Number or through their email.

How to contact Better Business Bureau
How to contact Better Business Bureau

When someone file a complaint against your business, it is necessary you give a response through the BBB Phone number. Since no matter how little or large the complaint might be, it cannot be judged from a one sided story.


When you want to file a complaint to Better Business Bureau you must fill a complaint form firstly. You can fill the form online through the BBB web service or you can call the Better Business Bureau Phone Number. Also, before you fill the form to make a complaint, you must make sure with all the terms and policies of that business or organization.

As well, make sure all the details of the contract (if it involves any) is clear and well understanding. If not, contact the Better Business Bureau phone number to get clarification and more information. Lastly, contact the business or organization to resolve any issue before calling Better Business Bureau Phone number or sending a mail.

BBB PHONE NUMBER – How To Check A Business At The Better Business Bureau

Before involving in any business at all, you should carefully carry out researches and findings. This is to determine whether that business is legitimate or a scam.

Use the following steps to check a business at the better business bureau.

  • Log on to the better business bureau page from your web browser via
  • Click on find a business
  • Enter the name and location of the business
  • Hit the search icon

Results of the business and other similar business too will be available, navigate through the list to find the business in particular you are in search of, you do not necessarily need to call the better business bureau phone number to do this as it can be done in very easy steps online.


If you have issues with any business or organization, you should try to resolve the issue before calling better business bureau phone number. The following points will show you how to complain:

  • File a complaint report with Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau works with buyers and sellers to resolve disputes between them.
  • Keep records of valuable information and every member of the business you interact with during the period of the business.
  • Though it is not all types of business disputes that Better Business Bureau can be settle between businesses and customers.

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