Candy Crush on Facebook – Reconnect your Candy Crush Saga to Facebook | Candy Crush New Features

Candy Crush on Facebook – When we talk about Candy crush on Facebook, we simply mean synching your candy crush game to your Facebook account. As a lover of Candy crush, I bet you there is a lot to gain when you reconnect your game to Facebook. Some of the benefits you derive from this act is that your game progress is saved and you get to play candy crush online with your Facebook friends.

How to reconnect Candy Crush on Facebook
Candy Crush on Facebook

In addition to what to expect when you link your candy crush game to FB, I guarantee you’ll now easily play and enjoy the game more. This is because as you progress to more difficult levels, you can ask for more lives from your friends on FB. Getting free more lives helps keeps you on top of the leadership scoreboard of the game. Who won’t want to be a winner in Candy crush, when the game is so captivating to play. Almost everyone that has played Candy crush can just stop talking about how fun the game is. Another thing you should know also is that the game is free for all.

How to Reconnect Candy Crush to Facebook

If you have once connected your Candy crush saga progress to FB and along the line, you get disconnected, don’t worry. Because I will be giving you a simple step on how to reconnect again to FB. Having installed Candy crush saga on your mobile device before, follow the listed steps below to learn how to reconnect to FB:

  1. Quickly uninstall the Candy crush saga app on your mobile.
  2. Then go to the App Store on your device to do a reinstallation of the app again.
  3. You will now need to open your Facebook account using your PC.
  4. Likewise, open the Candy crush saga app on your mobile.
  5. To finalize the process, click the “Play on Phone” button.

So, the steps I have listed above is just what you need to follow in reconnecting your candy crush on Facebook.

Candy Crush on Facebook Features

You might be wondering what is making millions of people fall in love with Candy Crush Saga. This is because the game has so many unique features that makes it so intriguing to play. So in case you want to try the game out for the first time, let me tip you:

  • Magical boosters like color bombs, tasty candies, wrapped and stripped special candies will help you sail through tougher and challenging levels .
  • Game modes that comes in Target score, Drop down mode, Time levels and order mode.
  • You’ll meet sweetest candy characters as you get to unlock delicious environments.
  • Get delicious prizes for spinning the daily booster wheel as you play the game.
  • Countless game levels, with more added to them in every 2 weeks.

So having read about the unique features of Candy crush saga, and the benefits of reconnecting. What are you waiting for? Hurry now and connect your candy crush progress to Facebook as see how you’ll be on top of your game. Also, there are other games you can also enjoy like Temple Run 2.

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