How to Change Your Facebook Password – Reset Your Password

Your Facebook account should only be accessible by you. So if someone else can easily login to your Facebook account, it means it’s no longer a private account. Then this is where the need to change your Facebook password comes in. Also another reason why you should reset your password is because using the same password as at when you first opened your account five years ago is not the best idea.

How to change your Facebook Password easily
How to change your Facebook Password easily

Although there are some rules guiding the change or reset of Facebook password. This is as regards you frequently changing your Facebook password. Moreover, Facebook will also have issues with your password if you’re using same with many other websites and accounts online. To sum it all up, it is important to change your password when the need arises, especially if there is a threat to your Facebook account.

Why Should I Change My Facebook Password?

There are so many reasons why it is very important for you to change your Facebook password. This is because there are a lot of internet fraudsters today hacking on people’s Facebook account to impersonate. So the main reason why you should have a stronger and safer password for your Facebook account.

Also, it might be that when you first created a Facebook account, you used a more familiar password that others around you can easily remember. Or probably you just need a more secure password. Have you been hacked, or you are probably worried that your account could be hacked? Or rather you just need to boost your online security: Read on to learn how to change your password using weather Apple iOS, or Android:

How To Change Your Facebook Password

It is quite easy and understandable to change your password . The following will teach you how to Change your password on the Facebook web version:

  1. Log on to Facebook webpage on your browser.
  2. Input your login details to access your account.
  3. Tab on the small drop-down arrow located at the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Then click on “Settings” and select “Security and Login” to have access to Password change.
  5. Now you need to scroll down to where the Login section is so you can click on “Change Password”.
  6. First input your old password on the right box provided for that.
  7. Then you can now enter your Strong New Password. Enter it again and click on “Save changes”.

It is worthy to note that if you use your installed Facebook app on your phones, tablet or smart TV, you will need to enter your new password. This is because you are opening the app for the first time after changing it.

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