How to Connect your Candy Crush Game to Facebook

Candy Crush game is an easy-to-play, interesting and addictive game that everybody is talking about. The creativity in the game set up makes it so addictive that once you start playing it, you will always never want to stop. The idea of the candy crush game is that you have to link candies of the same colors to earn a high point. As you progress in playing the game, you get to experience different levels that are easy, medium and hard to play. And that is when the game gets even more captivating.

How to connect your candy crush game to Facebook
How to connect your candy crush game to Facebook

However, there is a need to connect your candy crush game to your Facebook account. As this will help you progress to higher levels and earn bonus points without barrier. When you connect your candy crush saga to Facebook, you will be able to ask for more lives from your Facebook friends who also play the candy crush. More so, you can also get tips and tricks to play Candy crush on Facebook from them.

How to Connect your Candy Crush Game to Facebook

The following steps will teach you how to connect your Candy crush game to your Facebook account:

  • Access the Candy Crush app on your mobile device or PC.
  • On the Homepage of the game, you will see the “Play” and “Connect” icons, click on the “connect”
  • Then input your email or your phone number and password on the page you were redirected to.
  • Once you’re done entering your personal details, click on the log in icon on display.
  • A new page will load that will require you to log in again.
  • Then click on “Continue” after you have log in the second time.
  • Wait a few seconds to connect to your Friends on Facebook.
  • Follow the rest steps to start playing your Candy crush saga on your device.

After you have successfully connected your candy crush saga to Facebook you will start seeing friends with the highest score. This will help boost your morale to play more and well to beat friends with the higher score. And remember asking for more lives from Facebook friends to boost your game as you progress is another reason for connection to Facebook.

Candy crush is fun for all. Both young and old, start playing now and enjoy yourself.

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