How To Delete Facebook Page – Delete Your Facebook Page Step-By-Step

Delete Facebook Page – Facebook page is something many Facebook users enjoys creating, but unfortunately, not all can retain them. It is very easy and fast to create pages on Facebook, but sometimes difficult to sustain them. This is because managing some kind of pages can be so time consuming. I’m actually talking from experience. So, with this article, I’m going to be teaching you how to delete Facebook page that you no longer need.

How to delete your Facebook Page
How to delete your Facebook Page

Moreover, the way it’s very easy to create one is the same way you’re going to learn how to delete your Facebook page step by step. It is actually very straight forward to delete a page that is time and space wasting. So read on as I reveal to you the easy means I used in deleting my Facebook page.

How To Delete My Facebook Page Step-By-Step

Now to the main point of our discussion. Do you quest for how to completely remove your FB page with all immediate effect? Don’t worry, your solution is here. However, before you take this step, there is something you should know. You must be a page admin before you can be allowed to delete it. Page members are not permitted to take such action.

Therefore, if you are the admin of a FB page (rightful owner) and you want to totally delete that page, here is what you need do.

Easy Steps To Remove a Page From Facebook

To take out a page from Facebook that you’re no longer in need of, follow these procedure:

  • Access the page you want to delete on FB.
  • At the top of the FB page, click on “Settings”
  • Then you click on “Remove Page” from General under settings.
  • Finally, click “Delete (page name) and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

You can also learn how to block someone on Facebook from my previous article.

Moreover, there is only one condition that must be met before this process becomes successful. That criteria is that you be the rightful owner of the FB page, that is, you must be the page admin. So, if you can’t see the tab, “Remove page” from the FB settings, know that you are not permitted to delete the page.

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