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Toxicwap site is a free-to-use website where you can easily download all your TV series, music, apps, games, movies and every other thing. You can find anything you wish to download on your device in this website. Moreover, downloads are free, so you don’t need to add anything to cart whenever you log on to

How to download from Toxicwap site
How to download from Toxicwap site

Toxicwap Site

I guarantee you that when you visit toxicwap site, you will never experience any hiccups in downloading movies, TV series, ebooks, Mp3, music videos, games, or applications. Though you might have gotten frustrated after visiting other websites for your downloads. As it happens that some sites will always pop-up ads, or bring up procedures that will make the downloading process slow and annoying. But like I said earlier, with toxicwap site, you are sure to experience a free, smooth downloading process. All you need do is log on to and get what you’re looking for.

Toxicwap Categories

Below are the file categories that you will find in toxicwap:

  • Videos
  • TV series
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Games
  • WallPaper
  • EBooks

These are the list of things you can find on Toxicwap.

How to Download Mp3 Music on Toxicwap Site

There is nothing you are looking forward to download that you wouldn’t find on the toxicwap site. Now if you seek to download music in MP3 format, here is how you’ll do it:

  • Access the website’s URL
  • Then click on Music on the platform’s homepage.
  • Select the category of mp3 music you want to download on your device.
  • Or search for the file, either by the first letter of the file or artisan the search bar.
  • Tap the mp3 format  from the list displayed to you.
  • Now, select the destination you want the file to be downloaded to on your mobile or PC.
  • Finally click on download to commence the download of the file.

Download Movies on the Toxicwap Site

To download your favorite movies:

  • Input the URL on your browser and click movies on homepage.
  • Search for the movie on the display list or use the search bar to input the name of the movie.
  • Once you find it, choose the download destination and click on download to start the process.

Download TV series on Toxicwap

  • Click on TV series on the webpage of the toxicwap site.
  • Then search for the series on the list displayed or use the search bar to search for the TV series
  • Enter the season and episode of the TV series once you find it.
  • Choose or select the destination of where you want the series download to.
  • Click on download finally, and watch how your TV series will download in few seconds.
How to Download Games, Ebooks, Videos, Apps on

Follow this same process I listed above to download games, ebooks, app, videos and more on the site. It is very fast to download. You don’t even need to register before you can start downloading.

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